Virtuality Vs Reality


Virtuality Vs Reality 

To the person on the other end of the screen. 

What does our relationship mean?

Our authentic faces have barely been seen.

But virtual conversation is now routine. 


To the person on the other end of the laptop. 

Sometimes our conversations make my heart drop.

You’re a virtual human I wouldn’t want to swap 

I hope our virtual routine doesn’t stop.


To the person on the other side of my phone. 

We connect on mutual feelings of being alone.

The Internet world has become family and home. 

And together our virtual feelings have grown. 


To the person on the other side of the app. 

I enjoy watching the feelings unwrap. 

But am I caught in a virtual trap?

If I was, would I give a crap?


To the person who I really speak to. 

Though I know your name, I still wonder who. 

After all we’ve been through. 

Is the person you show me really you? 


I am authentic and scarily honest. 

My photo’s are not filtered and polished. 

My trust and my feelings could so easily demolish. 

If you’re not who you promised. 


To the person on the other side of my phone. 

I only really trust you because I’m desperately alone. 

I’m physically on my own. 

So I choose to believe what I’m shown. 


  • Author: ~E (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 10th, 2018 16:34
  • Comment from author about the poem: Feedback always welcome and appreciated! Enjoy! ~ E
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  • Crystal Hope

    Wow! This is absolutely incredible. Each line made me want more. You did an awesome job on this piece. It moved me very much and was relatable.

  • Reyas

    I can relate to this poem on every single level, one point in my life the only friends I had were people online, I’ve never met these people yet they knew more about me than even my own family. Unfortunately I don’t speak to any of them anymore but I do catch myself wondering how they’re doing. Magnificent work, easily one of my favorites.

  • Goldfinch60

    So much interaction over the Web nowadays. It is just not the same as talking face to face in person.
    Being an ancient I can remember the time when we didn't have a telephone and the first time we saw "mobile 'phones" was in Star Trek in 1968.
    We had to go to people to talk to them.
    Good write E.

  • Edthepoet

    Well, you made this one your bitch 😀 fine fine work E. Even if it is an over elaborate attempt to hide the fact you're really a 55 year old dude, ha 😉

    • E-Poems

      Was hoping you wouldn’t see this one 😉 haha! Thanks mate 😋

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