Poetic Dan

Na na na na Na na na na BatDan

I wish to start by telling you of a moment
When I surprised my nephews in costume
I was BatDan and a friend was the Joker
We played out a little story and sat for tea

I'm not ashamed to say I didn't take it off
Dropped to the train station feeling incredible
I hear people at a pub shouting at me
As I finished rolling my smoke, there stood three men in front of me
Asking for pictures then walking back over the road
I walked down the path to puff away from the people
As I walked back up feeling a awesome sense of pride
A lady starts shouting "someone call the police"
I laugh in my head thinking but I am here-no need to fear
To my surprise in my next stride I see a guy grab another guy
It's one of the lads that was over at the pub
As he flings a young boy at the window I step straight in
My arm is in front of the aggressor as he trys a head butt
Luckily it missed and he just looked at me for a second
Wanting to hit this other boy for knocking his phone on the floor
My response was "is it really worth getting nicked for"
Finally one of his group come and helped pull him off.

I honestly still can't believe all that happened
It actually started a bit of a pattern a few more times I went out as BatDan
The last at a wedding party and that story is nearly the same

Apon reflection last night of always watching heroes
Be it John Wayne, Bruce Lee or cartoon legends
As a man I feel it is in my blood to want to protect
Although I got fed with stories of heroes & villains
We actually all play both sides and need to acknowledge
The good, bad and ugly that lives deep within us all
Once embarrassed you'll see we are all imperfectly beautiful
It's times to become alive with all you know inside
The dark and the light resonating throughout life - Everlasting for all time


  • orchidee

    You two on telly? BatDan and BatDog? Will the dog take part, or is it just wanting food titbits?! heehee.

    • Poetic Dan

      Answer is below, missed the space ;)

    • Poetic Dan

      All dogs are mine, I'm part Dolittle too.
      Nothing can stand in my way
      I'm taking over the world

    • Reyas

      Amazing poet during the day, superhero by night? What can’t you do? You write does has a lot of truth though, we all play both sides of the spectrum. If you need a robin though, I’m one message away. :)

      • Poetic Dan

        Just walk on water but I'm sure I will soon.
        That's good to know I'll be sure to send you a signal and I'll be there in a flash too.

        Much appreciated my friend.

      • Claudelle DeLuna

        So CooL! Dan
        I agree shadow searching is imperative for our growth, otherwise it's not fully done.
        You look awesome with the Batman costume.
        Your dog so cool!
        when my son watched the movie "V for vendetta" he dressed like him he really enjoyed it, with two boys we are always dressing up being villains and heroes!
        Blessings to you and your family!

        • Poetic Dan

          Thank you so much love the choice of movie. May they play both side well to find the centre inside, with your guidance I'm sure it won't be hard to find.
          Then may they out shine our shine

          • Claudelle DeLuna

            I love that "then may they out shine our shine"
            that my friend is what we truly hope to accomplish with the children.
            and now I know you do too....
            My husband said in a conversation once, that he hope to teach our kids better than what we were and the person that heard it got upset and said Are you saying your parents didn't teach you well!?
            taking it out of context, the person wasn't truly listening and or was judging at surface level. That is why I love that you feel the same about your children. Is not about if we weren't thought right is about us constantly feeling and doing what is better.
            Just had to share this with you.

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          • Brother_Kane

            Not all superhero’s wear capes... but BatDan does 😂 would of been funny to see batman saving some kid from getting beaten up and I bet for on lookers it was a sight to be hold 😂

            • Poetic Dan

              Yeah man the look on the young mans face was priceless.
              Your laughter is much appreciated!

            • onepauly

              quite the story.
              did it really happen?

              • Poetic Dan

                Buddy every word is true, this was at my home town bracknell then travelled back to Brighton on the train.
                Unless I'm writing about unicorns and leprechaun it's from my life, I've walked enough miles to not disrespect the truth.

                Much peace and respect

                • onepauly

                  its always good to write something interesting.

                • sylviasearcher

                  I had to read your poem because it was about my favourite superhero, with a hint of my favourite super villain (the joker).

                  Was Harley Quinn out?

                  Seriously though. I know batman is less super hero.and more super rich. But he reaches towards strength and light from so much darkness inside.

                  And he has a batcave.

                  I'm not a big comic reader, but I don't think Harley Quinn managed the same rising from her darkness. She.seems more compelled towards it. But I'm still rooting for her. Won't give up rooting!

                  • Poetic Dan

                    Love it! Yes I feel the same, the story of using the darkness from one's life for good is what really resonates with me. My son on the other hand identified with the Joker but he is still learning, or maybe it's just all about Quinn ;)

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