Princes and a king

I’m still that girl that deep down is lost

I wish I could really love another

But my now icy heart is covered in frost

So my soul now has to suffer 


I tell them “I love you too”

Even tho we both know

That my aching heart tragically belongs to you


Eyes don’t lie and neither do kisses

I’ve nearly fooled them but just near misses

Ive tried so hard to fool myself so I don’t end up alone on that dreaded lonesome shelf


I’ve lost a few relationships because of you Along the way

Because I can’t give them what I want to give

So it’s not fair on them to let them stay

I wish I could truly love them but 

My emotions won’t let me stray


It’s like Cupid’s arrow is stuck to the core

Of my heart and I’ve tried pulling it out

But it refuses to part

Like I’m connected to you through all of time

I hate love now it’s a cold case crime


If I never met you I wouldn’t of known real love 

I could of been ignorantly happy most likely married now with children

I daydream what it would be like

If my heart had not of been stolen 


Princes come to rescue me but I just want my king

I can’t fake or control my feelings

So lonely has now become my thing 


In and out of relationships

That Each time I think maybe this is the actual one

The one that can save me and makes these strong ties to you undone


The one who can banish every trace of you

Make me forget about my trapped soul

The man who can make everything better

To make me content and finally whole


I can’t see the future but dear god I wish I could

To know if I can be happy without you

If I have a shot at feeling good

I fear that I’m stuck in this spell of needing you 

Forever to be a single lost driftwood 



  • Claudelle DeLuna

    So Beautiful!
    I like your description of the love story on the poem, enjoyed reading it.

  • misskay

    Pleased to know that, thank you Claudelle

  • dusk arising

    Quite lovely "Eyes don’t lie and neither do kisses I’ve nearly fooled them but just near misses"

    This goes into my favourites for sure.

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