It Will No Long Matter

When I leave this world,

to be with my heavenly Father,

some people may say,

'Dion Phillips Crown,

was a true Christian'.

Others may argue that fact,

and say that,

because he was so prosperous,

he, 'sold his soul'.

Some people will say,

'Dion had truely spread Christ's gospel',

while others will argue the fact,

and say that he always kept to himself.

He never spoke.

When I go into Heaven,

many people on earth will say,

'Dion Crown was the kindest,

nicest man I've ever met'.

Yet, there is no doubt,

in my mind that some,

who knew me from the beginning,

will say that he was the total opposite.

Still, none of it will mean,

anything to me.

Because when I am in Heaven,

with no worries,

nothing else will matter.




    HEAVEN is better than this
    O my what Joy & Bliss
    Walking on streets of purest Gold
    Livin' in a Land where we'll never grow old
    Life on Earth with my LORD is fine
    BUT Heaven is better than THIS

    Thanks for sharing DION !
    When we all get to Heaven
    What a day of rejoicing that will be
    When we all see JESUS
    We'll Sing & Shout the VICTORY !

    Every Blessing BROTHER BRIAN (UK)

    • ForeverJesus6

      We will be shouting and singing together my friend. That is one of my favorite hymns.
      Persistence is key.

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