So easily entertained...

trusting what they have been told...

Are they the lucky ones????


Drifting to magicians performing their nightly trick...


The whys and whens are left for me...

Thinking about their  thinking....

Yes indeed, they must be the lucky ones.


  • Unsub


    I believe you are the lucky one for not falling in with the herd & accepting the falshehoods thrust upon them.

    You may not sleep as well; but at least you are an individual with the ability to think for yourself.

    Sweety dreams?


    • lcmcfadden

      Thanks for reading.


      Thanks FRIEND for a lovely poem contrasting the innocent sleep of Young Ones whose minds are not burdened with the cares of the WORLD. In the USA parents worry about TRUMP an his administration (Kids dont) and its the same in t he UK with BREXIT. We should all do all we can to preserve the Innocence of Childhood ~ their time to worry will come soon enough ! Thanks for caring & sharing ~ Yours BRIAN

    • sylviasearcher

      Oh I wish my son was a lucky one. I worry about his worry!

      I think I read the poem two ways. Firstly, the innocence of children, seckndkybthe naivity /ignorance of some in society. Entertained by fake news but not really thinking deeply enough.

      Then sometimes the news seems to try to make us worry.

      So I refuse to.

      Then am I one of them?

      I don't sleep easy though.

      Thought provoking write!

      • lcmcfadden

        Thank you for reading!

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