Goodbye friend

I opened my heart
So I could see
What kind of things
Awaited me

Not trusting 
Was a gift
When you came
Things shift 

Opened once
Opened twice
This heart of mine
Melted ice

Let you in
For a spin
Unknowing that truth
Was ever so thin

It hurts to say
It hurts to know
That all of this
I have to let go

Deep conversations
Philosophical talks
But nothing could stop
The sound of the clocks

Tic Tac
Tic Tac
It is time
For everything to go black

Secrets unfold
Wicked tongue
My heart and soul
Again stung

Remove yourself
Thicken your heart
Take the pain
Turn it to art

Do not fall to illusion
Do not make such mistake
Head up high
No matter the ache

My heart spilled
On these pages you read
Know you were another
To make it bleed

I let you go
With this poem of pain
Getting to be your friend
Was all in vain


  • swyndell

    Interesting, the pain is so prominent but is expressed beautifully. Like a beautiful drawing, ripped to shreds, yet repaired. It's a confusing feeling. Yet it brings me to the conclusion, are you okay?

    • Agiel

      Thank you. And, I'm always okay.

      • swyndell

        Somehow, that seems inconclusive. But I could be mistaken, so okay.

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