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  • Writings From The Unknown13

    hey guys sorry i havent been posting lately ive just been so busy with school but i do have a couple of things for you guys and i started writing my college essay and i will be posting that as well when i can thank you guys so much!!

    • Writings From The Unknown13

      hello!! im back everyone and im happy to be back i have a few poems to post but i cant right now but i will when i can and im excited to share them with you guys thank you for your support!!!

      • Writings From The Unknown13

        as you guys may know its the end of the school year so that means ill have to say goodbye :( but ill miss having you guys read and comment on my poems and ill try my best to come back with a whole bunch of new things to share with you!! thank you or your guys support and thank you for giving me a safe space to share anything with you!!!

        • Writings From The Unknown13

          i put my heart and soul into my writings and no body fucking reads them??!!

          • Writings From The Unknown13

            i would say I'm looking up at the stars but there are none tonight so instead I'm looking at the rain drop into the puddles

            • Writings From The Unknown13

              my birthday is tomorrow!!!

              • Writings From The Unknown13

                before blaming me for being away, ask yourself what did you do to make me stay?

                • Writings From The Unknown13

                  i met a spoken rap poet today!! he performed with selena gomez on mtv and met kendrick lamar and i got to meet the spoken poet today and i told him about my mothers passing and that i am too a poet and i understand wheres hes coming from and he responded to me as if i was a hero too...isnt every poet a hero? because if it wasnt for poets like him and i people wouldnt have the inspiration to chase their dreams

                  • Writings From The Unknown13

                    only if people could read my mind when i wanted them to thinking about something is so much easier than explaining what wrong every time someone asks

                    • Writings From The Unknown13

                      i am just empty now... i have no words to say...i looked at 100 quotes today and nothing related to me...i wish i could draw...but if i could i would draw nothing because i am empty...emptiness and heart break and losing myself and giving up and silence, can they all be considered a master piece... because silence can say so much without saying anything at all...

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