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  • Writings From The Unknown13

    i put my heart and soul into my writings and no body fucking reads them??!!

    • Writings From The Unknown13

      i would say I'm looking up at the stars but there are none tonight so instead I'm looking at the rain drop into the puddles

      • Writings From The Unknown13

        my birthday is tomorrow!!!

        • Writings From The Unknown13

          before blaming me for being away, ask yourself what did you do to make me stay?

          • Writings From The Unknown13

            i met a spoken rap poet today!! he performed with selena gomez on mtv and met kendrick lamar and i got to meet the spoken poet today and i told him about my mothers passing and that i am too a poet and i understand wheres hes coming from and he responded to me as if i was a hero too...isnt every poet a hero? because if it wasnt for poets like him and i people wouldnt have the inspiration to chase their dreams

            • Writings From The Unknown13

              only if people could read my mind when i wanted them to thinking about something is so much easier than explaining what wrong every time someone asks

              • Writings From The Unknown13

                i am just empty now... i have no words to say...i looked at 100 quotes today and nothing related to me...i wish i could draw...but if i could i would draw nothing because i am empty...emptiness and heart break and losing myself and giving up and silence, can they all be considered a master piece... because silence can say so much without saying anything at all...

                • Writings From The Unknown13

                  i talked to someone today that i only knew of... and that person noticed how great i was and how much i do for everyone else..just in 5 minutes of speaking

                  • Writings From The Unknown13

                    when people are sad i tell them everything great about them and why they are put on this world and why they are important to me...but i never get told anything like that when im on the other side

                    • Writings From The Unknown13

                      like i said in my last post...a pen losing ink is just like the people in my life... im the pen and those people are the ink ...but the thing about pens and losing the ink is that everyone shakes the pen and continues to write hoping the ink will come back... its funny how we hope for the same thing when it comes to people we love

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