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  • Writings From The Unknown13

    i passed my road test 😀

    • Writings From The Unknown13

      today is my road test. im so nervous but i shouldnt be a road test is just like a regents exam you can take it again if you fail. but i feel like ill do fine but that doesnt mean im still worried and nervous. today is my road test and the weather today is being so kind today and i prayed to god this morning to help me pass and not be so nervous. im finally growing up today is my road test.

      • Writings From The Unknown13

        i just got fucking dress coded... for wearing a crop top... my breasts are covered my ass is covered ive worn alot worse ive seen alot worse in this shit hole of a school.... ive been here for 4 years... and NOOOWW i get dress coded when ive literally worn a crop top and showed my whole stomach ive worn a crop top showing my breasts other girls in this shcool literally wore booty shorts that showed there ass... and they fucking dress code me for a crop top thats showing some tummy???!!! sorry what?!! im pissed now tbh ive never been dress coded before and ive worn alot worse than what im wearing right now like sorry the fuck??!!! trust me i will now write a poem about this and just vent...

        • Writings From The Unknown13

          quote of the day:
          "if it wont matter in 5 years, dont spend more than 5 minutes getting angry about it."

          • Writings From The Unknown13

            quote of the day:
            "tears come from the heart and not from the brain."

            • Writings From The Unknown13

              ive been having a couple of rough days thursday night i didnt sleep much because i was having nightmares and then friday i didnt sleep at all i went to sleep at 4 am and woke up at 11 am and i got good sleep saturday night but sunday was the 4 year anniversary and my \"supposedly best friend\" didnt talk to me at all sunday and made up bullshit excuses why she forgot about me and how im feeling and then today i walked to the early bus stop which is 3 streets down and all the way to the left and i forgot my ear buds and charger and i ran back all the way back home and upstairs and on the way there i couldnt take it anymore i wanted to give up my legs and chest couldnt take it but i continued and i grabbed a water on my way out and made it to the bus stop one street down from my house in time but when i was on the bus thats when i really couldnt breathe and i got to school and i felt like passing out because i just had to walk even more so now my asthma is severely activated and i just want pass out in the nurses office because it honestly felt like i was going to die

              • Writings From The Unknown13

                merry christmas!!!! and a happy new year!!!

                • Writings From The Unknown13

                  hey guys sorry i havent been posting lately ive just been so busy with school but i do have a couple of things for you guys and i started writing my college essay and i will be posting that as well when i can thank you guys so much!!

                  • Writings From The Unknown13

                    hello!! im back everyone and im happy to be back i have a few poems to post but i cant right now but i will when i can and im excited to share them with you guys thank you for your support!!!

                    • Writings From The Unknown13

                      as you guys may know its the end of the school year so that means ill have to say goodbye 🙁 but ill miss having you guys read and comment on my poems and ill try my best to come back with a whole bunch of new things to share with you!! thank you or your guys support and thank you for giving me a safe space to share anything with you!!!

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