Shuffle Play Surrender

I shuffle play surrender to songs I've never heard,

search for the meaning in any sound or word like it was meant just for me.

Tell me my future.

Will I be happy?


I skip songs I'd normally play on repeat, ignoring the answer. 

Try to quiet the aching empty with drum beat epiphanies that drive me into feeling like anyone other than


A version of myself I don't miss when she leaves.


Fire Fire




                          into you

Mistakes like this.

Misguided Ghosts

One month (hilarious,  but true)

like GLASS

She shines



Even shuffling,

Playing through,

The ironies absurd.

take title tracks and start to rap into random prophecy that only holds the weight I give it and

lend my soul to the journey.

  • Author: ExistentialSarah (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 25th, 2018 10:07
  • Comment from author about the poem: This is an actual game I found myself playing inside my head, trying to create some sense of weighted meaning behind the random songs my shuffle play spewed out on Spotify. Who doesn't want answers when you're sitting all alone with no way to know tomorrow? I guess I was trying to take some sort of control of my thoughts, so I wrote a poem about it and actually took the first 10 songs that came up. You can literally go listen to them. They all exist and it really WAS ironic for what I'm going through.
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  • Poetic Dan

    This was pure art of the soul
    In my world like a pot of gold
    I do that with all my song
    Thank you for sharing a part of you that felt like me.

    Much love and respect
    Welcome to the poetry shuffle party 😉

    • ExistentialSarah

      ^_^ you're welcome! It feels nice to be received so well. As for sharing something that felt like a peice of yourself, Im glad I was able to do that! I think I search for that same feeling...wanting and waiting to find reflections of myself, glimpses of who I am in another person, as if its some sort of touchstone reminder that its okay to be human cause I'm not alone at it.

      I write to figure stuff out a lot of the time, but when I cant on my own I find that thoughts expressed from someone else can bridge the gap. Its an interchange!

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