Progress In Movement

not to be confused with progress,
can only progress,
if we move,
in the name of the Lord.
Always choose,
passion over zeal,
because passion,
can lead to strength.
Whereas zeal,
leads to hatred.
Do not misunderstand.
To progress with movement,
does not mean,
to break the law.
Rather it means,
to act within the law.
Also, I must push this.
Do not only,
take the Lord with you,
but always put him first.
always put God first.
Let him surround you.
Everyday before,
stepping outside,
put on the full armor of God,
so that you,
can withstand the devil.
It is good,
to live by some tradition,
but overall,
we must live,
by the Holy Spirit.
We must stand alone,
on the Word of God.
If we do that,
then we will never,
stand alone.
Also, do not be afraid,
to compromise.
Do not misunderstand.
Never give up,
any of your faith.
Still, people often confuse,
compromise with surrender.
Fear of compromise,
is a major reason,
for division in this country.
We tend not to compromise,
so we fail to see,
the right and/or wrong,
in other's point of view.
I do not mean,
to sound like a professor.
or a big speaker,
or anything like that.
I suppose overall,
in order to progress,
it all goes back,
to what I first said.
Have Christ in your life,
and always put him first.

When we walk with the LORD
In the light of ~ GOD'S word
What a GLORY he sheds on our way
While we do all his good will good will
He abides with us ~ with us still
And with all will trust & obey
Always trust & obey ~ AMEN

Progress is definitely a trust,
but trusting is definitely a must.
Trust in the Lord and He will give.
For if you trust in Him,you will live.

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