home is ...where the spirit lives

we hold on to thoughts
      (happy and sad)
to clarify our minds;
we hold on to things
      (good and bad)
to mark our passage through time;
we hoard...

because we're afraid
of 'empty' space
/ we fret /
  our memories will fade
  away without a trace
  and our essence
  will be impossible
               for anyone
  to re/collect...

because of our need
to believe the love we felt
and the decisions that we made
have had a positive
       and everlasting effect
on the world which,
one day,
we may have to leave

we lack faith
that God / Nature / the Cosmos
is aware
of everything
we think and do,
not just because it cares
but because it's needy too...

/ because it lives within
                       and without
  our earthly selves
  and knows all there is to know
                           about fear
                              and feeling blue /

  we really ought to relax
  and love it back ~
  we need to unwind.


  • sylviasearcher

    I enjoyed this. What a comforting thought. I have always felt a great affinity with nature more so than people

    • Jhe

      people tend to forget that we are nature, and unfortunately some think they're superior to it (so they're not only at odds with other people but also themselves)...

      am glad it made you feel ok :)

    • Laura


      Spot on with your message!
      Many struggle with...
      “Nature vs Nurture”
      “Nurture vs Nature”
      First Nature then Nurture...
      Hand in hand is their journey!

      An enjoyable super write!
      Thank you for sharing.


      • Jhe

        thanks :)
        for appreciating!!

      • Claudelle DeLuna

        Lovely poem! JHEJ
        Fearing the unknown has devastating consequences to our mental health spot on ending
        "we really ought to unwind"

        • Jhe

          thanks :)
          for your kind words!

          (re fear of unknown:

          the idea of death is traumatic
          to an innocent life-loving kid
          so we can't just 'get over it'
          but hating nature /god
          for putting us here is
          a tad oxymoronic
          if one doesn't believe in god or
          doubts the cosmos has spirit
          and that all souls return to it,
          i think one ought to admit
          that, despite the pain,
          creation is fantastic
          and that a glimpse
          alone is worth it)

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