Kevin Michael Bloor

Maiden of the Misty Morning

Maiden of the misty morning

Sylvan soul from sounding sea

When you rise with daystar dawning

Light my lost eternity


Maiden, mend my heart you’ve broken

Heal me with your tender touch

Soothe me with soft words you’ve spoken

Your sweet voice I‘ve missed so much


Maiden, we were once enchanted

Deep in love, our lives entwined

Graciously we had been granted

Love that very few folk find


Maiden, what did make you wander?

Far across the ocean blue

Finest years set out to squander

Twenty one to fifty two!


Maiden may you never leave me

Nor forsake me when I’m old

Closer come, till I can breathe thee

Gently in my arms enfold


Maiden of the misty morning

Meet me at the kissing gate

At the fair Aurora’s dawning

Share with me our first love’s fate




  • LaurašŸŒ»

    Blue-eyed Bolla,

    Another beauty of a poem dedicated for the love of your life...Lorraine!


  • Candlewitch

    wow! excellent phrasing and construction! a truly lovely poem!

    *hugs, Cat

    • Kevin Michael Bloor

      Thank you C. I appreciate you kind comments and feedback

    • Christina8

      This has excellent rhyme and rhythm and is such a wonderful poem! You have such raw talent. Fantastic!

      • Kevin Michael Bloor

        Thank you C. Nice to hear someone mention the phrase, 'raw talent' when commenting on my poems. Again, many thanks.

      • Goldfinch60

        That love will be with you forever.

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