The Retired Bloke


I think I suffer from ADHD

As my mind wanders about you see

I try to live my life in the moment

But rapid thoughts in my head prevent

A simple line of sight to see to concentrate

On anything for long. I know this doesn’t exonerate

Me from any blame for poor judgement 

Or for not finishing tasks or being reluctant

To take responsibility for my actions

Or my occasional unexpected reactions

There are some benefits that I can see

Making quick decisions based on what I foresee

ADHD though can be so tiring

The brain always engaged perpetually firing

I would like now and again to have a blank mind

To relax and to discover inner peace and find

The reason for my tiring resistance 

The purpose of my chaotic existence


  • Goldfinch60

    Sometimes our eyes are opened to our own problems in an unexpected way. Your words explain the problem very well, I do sincerely hope that you can find a way to relax in your retirement.

    • The Retired Bloke

      In some ways having the condition keeps me active. This sometimes helps. I just struggle to settle down with a good book for long.

    • misskay

      I really enjoyed reading this,
      A fine write indeed!
      Although I’m genuinely sorry about your news for you and your son,
      You portrayed your unfortune wonderfully in this poem!
      I hope you can relax your mind enough sometimes to finish a reluctant task to feel accomplished and to quiet your active mind sometimes to enjoy a good book!

    • Poetry_Lover

      Being diagnosed with ADHD can be a struggle and a blessing. I'm there myself. Getting medication for it completely changed my life! Always thought I would forever have a clouded mind.

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