WL Schuett

Laughters Lost Echo

Trying to heal a broken spirit 

damaged by loss 

and in search of purpose 


Echoing richness in 

peripheral thoughts 

crying for atonement in 

each anguished breath 

knowing this is our precious life 

even if any soft places 

remain well hidden 


Fleeing outside to disappear 

in the seven streets of Antioch 

asking for a god to save me 

cutting the fool , with prayer

losing the trust of the world 

as bells rattle in the belfries 


Ideals were put to the torch 

Sequoit Creek smelled 

rich and dark 

with sweet sentimentality 

creative vibrance and 

my loves lost laughter 


Nothing happens that has no meaning 

all of our experiences connect 

our lives 

through the open window of time 

into the nuisances that move 

the tides , 

paint the Terracotta steps

with snow 

and steal the Deserts wind 


I make an incantation 

for mercy 

Unreconciled to suffering

waiting to be cleansed 

of the unknowable 

the uncaring and the indifferent 

stars watch from above 

like fate 

in a mysterious Biblical 


laughter fled and 

became a Spider 

lost in snow .


  • Goldfinch60

    Welcome back WL, it is good to see your words and artwork once more.
    Your words are so meaningful and wondrous.
    Super artwork.

  • Lorna

    I am in awe....

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