An Honest Respectful Opinion Of What Heaven Will Be Like

First and foremost,
Heaven is hope,
for all those,
who have accepted Christ,
in their hearts.
Many people assume,
Heaven will be a place,
where we play harps,
and sing to the Lord forever,
and all eternity.
That is simply not true,
because that is laziness,
and laziness is a sin.
and there will be,
no sin in Heaven.
we will always serve the Lord.
I believe,
Heaven will be,
PURE adventure.
We will have,
our own customized mansion.
It will be made,
exactly to our liking.
We could eat,
just about anything we want,
without getting fat.
I would be able to fish,
in the best fishing spots.
If I wanted to travel,
then everywhere I go,
would have the most,
beautiful sceneries.
I believe Heaven,
would always be new,
because Christians,
go to Heaven everyday,
and I do not believe,
God would want,
His people to live,
in some place old.
I do not believe,
God would live,
in some place old.
It would never be crowded,
because very few,
people are there.
Overall, I have no Idea,
what Heaven will,
actually look like.
Still, I know and have faith,
that it will be,
to each of it's,
inhabitants specific liking.
- and more...

than what we can imagine,
it's the glory we so much desire,
Free of sin, a spirit without prejudice!
Infinite Love & Compassion,
Would finally be a true single song,
where we can all finally dwell in eternal peace.

HEAVEN is better than this
O My what Joy & Bliss
Walkin' down the Streets of Solid Gold
Livin' in a Land where we'll never grow old
Life on Earth with my LORD is fine
BUT HEAVEN is better than this ~ AMEN !
Love BRIAN & ANGELA ~ See you in PARADISE !

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