"Better Than Nothing"



Even though I’ve chosen

I’m still on my own

I don’t know how to fix

Something unknown


I’ve realized some things

As time has flown by

I have no real friends

It’s all been a lie


They only see me

When there’s no one around

I guess I’m not enough

To lift up their frown


I’ve never been the one

That is cared for the most

I’m stuck in the back

Seen as a ghost


I know it’s partly me

For I’ve cut myself off

But it still hurts the same

Yet they stand there and scoff


Not sure what I did

To make them see less

Than the woman I am

And what I express


I’ve always been there

When they needed a hand

Yet they cast me away

For some other brand


I may not have tried

To be what they want

But I am who I am

Not just a taunt


I do not pretend

To be something more

I know I have issues

Down to my core


I tell what I think

And don’t give much thought

To what I could do

Or the damage I wrought


It’s not on purpose

I care how they feel

But I always thought truth

Made it more real


I accept others

For who I know they are

So why am I different

On their radar


They say I’m their friend

But they leave me aside

Yet when all falls apart

They run to my guide


They know I’m mature

Compared to the rest

Needing advice

They come to the best


But once all is great

They forget I exist

I’m just their tool

Who’s made to assist


I wish I was more

To someone who cared

I want to feel special

Nothing compared


How do I get

The love that I crave

I’m not being selfish

Just want what I gave


I lend my heart freely

To those that might drown

They reach out their hands

And just pull me down


Maybe I should stop

Just find my own way

They only cause hurt

And push me away


But being alone

Without feeling missed

Is worse than the pain

Of being dismissed


At least I’m acknowledged

For the things that I know

It’s not a great life

But it’s better than woe


  • Author: Merissa (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 11th, 2018 08:19
  • Category: Forgiveness
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    People are like that..They are USERS by nature...they don't know how to look out for anything other than number one, themselves...I have always thought that so many people have been like that to me to help me weed out the ones that are of no use in my life, thus when the right people do arrive, We know for SURE THAT THEY ARE THE ONES...NICE WORK

  • MaggieF

    Oh dear, good reflective poem, flows very well, hopefully its made you more aware of how you want your future to be. Good luck. Maggie

  • Merissa

    Thanks guys. I really appreciate all your comments.

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