PRESIDENT JEFFERSON (1801 ~ 1809) 3rd President of the USA.
Scientist ~ Scholar ~ Linguist ~ Genius ~ Expansionist
He is credited with writing the Declaration of Independence
He was a great Diplomat and as Ambassador to FRANCE
He engineered the LOUISIANA PURCHASE which doubled
The size of the USA and included what are now all the
MID-WEST States which are the breadbasket of the USA.
JEFFERSON also expanded WEST with the two year long
Expedition of LEWIS & CLARK who reached he West Coast.
He was a Democrat who believed in Republicanism and
The Rights of the Individual. He regarded his greatest
Achievement as being the FOUNDER of the UNIVERSITY
of VIRGINIA not as being The Second VP and the Third
President of the USA. His Home Monticello ( North Carolina)
has been preserved and is well worth a visit ~ BRIAN XOX
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I have three favorite presidents,
with the most beautiful wives.
First it was John F. Kennedy.
He dreamed big, stood firm,
and paid with his life.
Jacky was strong in his absence.
She lost someone she loved.
She is the definition,
of what a first lady should be made of.
Then there were the movie stars,
Ronald and Nancy the first lady.
She looked very graceful for her age.
She was the woman of the eighties.
She knew drugs were a problem.
She told kids, "Just say no to drugs and alcohol",
while Ronald ended the cold war,
by saying, "Tare Down This Wall".
I also like Donald Trump,
though he gets criticized.
He is a man of action,
while other politicians just tell lies.
I like Melania too.
She does what she should.
She is there for Trump through and through.
Plus she just looks good.
No president is perfect,
but those are the ones for me.
If I was old enough to vote in the sixties,
then I would vote for all those three.

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