The Retired Bloke

The Handbag

There’s one place left on earth

Where no one living has dared to go

Where deep in the recesses anything can linger

Where black holes look on jealously 

There seems no order to what lies beneath

And although open is very much a shut case

Where prying fingers face corporate punishment

And the thought of a foreign body being inserted

Brings instant derision and has to be averted 

At any cost if you value your life

Yes there’s no stranger place than the bottom of the handbag

That protectively belongs to my darling wife. 


  • Goldfinch60

    So very true, I nearly lost my fingers once as I tried to reach for my wife's handbag.
    Our daughter has a handbag large enough to carry the world in it!

  • dusk arising

    Oh my word yes. Memories of attempting to find lost keys and a near broken wrist.
    Does it matter how many handbags are possessed? Is each one a holy grail in its own right? I fear that is the case you know.

    • The Retired Bloke

      When there’s more than one handbag issues multiply. Even my wife can’t find things as she may have not transferred all her stuff. I do not complain too much on this front as she would just duplicate everything in every bag.

    • D. K. Heqet

      This was a great depiction of a handbag. You never know who or what you might find in them! Hell, you could even lose yourself. But at least those with handbags are always prepared (if they can find anything quick enough).

    • Claudelle DeLuna

      Nice poem!
      I get my two kids wanting to store everything in it when we go out! Big NO!

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