A.H. Browning

Blissful Dreams


I awoke today from blissful dreams
Surprised by what seems real
Not by the things I see or feel
But something stirs from deep inside
Beneath the waking mists
Beyond the realms of life and time
Unless I dream, even still


The beautiful and contemptible essences
Of all I am…
Of all I’m not…
Distract, like ripples upon still waters
As life’s spectacle unfolds, capriciously
In tumultuous, bemusing grandeur, reflecting
In my inquiring, ambivalent eyes


Alas, yesterday’s certainties
Roused me eagerly this morn
With haunting questions
Beneath composure, my doubts revealed
Am I really awake
Am I truly awake
Is destiny my creation or fate


In the fleeting, evanescent moments
Of a newborn’s first cries
Is their knowledge transcendent
Of truths and of lies
And then, why does death wait… so silently
To finally allow clarity… reluctantly
Veracities whispered softly at the end


What then will this new day disclose?
Happiness, tragedy?
Life or death?
Who will be thankful?
Who will despair?
Tell me if you know, please
Unless I am dreaming… blissful dreams


Copyright © 2018 Twenty Seventeen, LLC



  • orchidee

    Cooeeee, BOOO!! That woke you up?!
    A fine write N. Doh! it does not happen too often, but I heard singing in a dream. It sounded so real. Then I woke up!
    It did not sound like two cats fighting, so it was not me singing. lol.

  • A.H. Browning

    If it did not sound like two cats fighting, then it wasn’t me either :)

    Thank you for reading and for commenting.

  • SunSearcher

    That was intense...loved it. Very well done A.H.


    • A.H. Browning

      You’re very kind. Thank you for reading and leaving a comment. Much appreciated.

      Kindest Regards,
      A.H. Browning

    • Michael Edwards

      This held me till the last word - great read AH

      • A.H. Browning

        Thank you for reading and for your kind words.

        (I’m still smiling by the way... “She Eats Like a Bird”) 🤣

        • Michael Edwards

          Not sure if you use the expression in the States but if you don't here in the UK we use it to mean someone who has little appetite and just picks (or is it pecks) at their food. So pleased it gave you a smile

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