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  • Kat

    Please add a stanza to our fusion poem. What is your favorite childhood memory. I would love for you too!

    • Martina Lynch

      Thank you Micheal...I have been learning so much from you in a very short space of time...you are a wonderful poet. I have started a venture in the village where I work in Wilmslow, to bring poets together along with their art work. It is at The Waterside gallery and hopefully I will have an evening there soon, perhaps once a month, fingers crossed. Stay in touch my email is mac45lynch@gmail.com

        • Michael Edwards

          Aw thanks Martina - I do hope it all works well and that your group is a great success. I'll certainly be in touch from time to time - I guess you'll still look in on MPS every so often - and do let me know how it all progresses

          Mu email: edmail64@gmail.com.

        • Edward Charles McDevitt

          Mike (If I can call you that), I want to thank you for reading and the comment. Life just isn't fair sometimes. I appreciate your insight and look forward to doing the same for you! I'm anxious to read some of your poetry. There is quite a few to go through!! Thanks again!

            • Michael Edwards

              Thanks Edwards - my pleasure. I am so flattered that you intend reading my postings - yes there are a lot to read with a range of subject and type - I really do hope you enjoy at least some of them.

            • P.H.Rose

              Hi Michael, please
              Add some of your
              Wonderful words
              To My fusion poem
              4 words, 4 lines...

                • Michael Edwards

                  Hi PH

                  Just added four lines - good bit of fun and hope you like them.
                  All the best


                  • P.H.Rose

                    Brilliant sir
                    Just brilliant
                    Thank you
                    Much !!!!!

                  • Julian Yanover

                    Welcome to My poetic side!

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