The Retired Bloke

Growing Old

I am fearful of growing old

So old that I can no longer live

No longer independent, controlled

In a vegetative state  where I outlive

All my friends, my wife, my generation

Unable to run, walk or even crawl

A parasite on the tax paying population

Where each day I fear of an inevitable fall

Where no one cares whether I live or die

Just a burden to everyone around me

All I can do is stare aimlessly into the sky

Try to remember when I was wonderfully free

When I had all of my life in front of me

When joy came from laughter and fun

The touch of my beautiful wife Lesley

When there were so many dreams to be done

I am fearful of growing old

I guess this is a good thing

So choices made now can be so bold

Allow me to be positive to everything

Embrace life live it to the max

Enjoy every moment every breath I take

Don’t be afraid of heart attacks

Soak in every second make the odd mistake

I guess I should be ultimately grateful

That I have lived a long enough life

To be fearful of actually growing old. 



  • orchidee

    Happy Birthday, Well, hope it is happy. A thoughtful write Retired. You 21 again? How many times over?!

    • The Retired Bloke

      More than two but less than three!

      • orchidee

        Ahh, you retired early if not yet reached 63?

      • Goldfinch60

        Age is just a number, I reach the three score years and ten next month but although I am slower than I used to be the glory of life is still enjoyed.

        • The Retired Bloke

          I agree but sometimes I just need to remind myself.

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