I watched the rise & fall of your chest
The warmth of your body hummed
Filling the quiet room in a misty heat
I drew closer to the smell so sweet
My eyes went aglow with hunger
The browns turned to volcanic embers
As I crept closer to your glistening skin
Stirring a yearning in me that rested within
I pounced on your naked flesh
& you woke as if you had been waiting
Threading your love-famished body with mine
I was unwrapped woman; a hungry feline
My claws went sharp with desire
Engraving anticipation on your back
Drunk on your honeysuckle lips
While you plunged between my begging hips
Navigating your way to my satisfaction
You stripped yourself of constraint
Every merciless stroke made me yours
I purred excitement in frenzied roars
Multiple typhoons of devotion
Howled between us through the night
Where sated drizzles of pleasure-storms hovered
I was your feline & you my untamed lover


  • Michael Edwards

    Thanks for the memories Santita lol :) Fine write.

    • Santita

      hehe glad to take you back, Michael :) Thank you.

    • Goldfinch60

      This is a wonderful erotic write Santita. May that joy never cease.

      • Santita

        Thank you so much, Goldie :)

      • dusk arising

        Where have i been all my own life? How can i have missed out on this now vibrant, though sadly missing, passionate part of my life.
        Why was my love famished body never threaded?? The nearest i ever got was just being taken off the reel behind the phone booth.
        Wow Santita! Such power and passion again and again.
        No jezebel here but a wonderful red blooded healthy female desire expressed by a poetic phenomenon. Gorgeous in mind, gorgeous in body.
        I love the last two lines of this piece which could stand on their own and let ones mind joyously play.

        • Santita

          The last line was my favorite too, Dusky. Glad you liked the red-blooded passion! Your words make me smile, thank you for always taking the time to leave such thoughtful reviews. I appreciate you.

        • orchidee

          Doh! I thought this was a poem about cats. I hurried to open your poem, then fainted. Fido did not bark in time to warn me! heehee.
          Ooohh not now - too early in the morning for it! And should I try it?! lol.

          • Santita

            You make me laugh, Orchi. Looking forward to your erotic piece. Will it be in 7-7-7-7 form??

          • orchidee

            Now come on Orchi (note to self) - write something erotic. Fido will warn you if you are about to swoon. Let ya hair down! lol.

            • Santita


            • sylviasearcher

              Wow, I could never write anything as powerful of this.

              It's sensual and passionate and perfect.

              I don't think I even have the power to imagine moments like that 🖤

              • Santita

                You certainly could. I have read your work, you are capable of numerous themes. You just thrive in meaningful, heart-touching pieces, which I appreciate. Thank you for your lovely words

              • MissileOfUncertainty

                I feel like I’ve just witnessed something intimate. Which I mean, yeah. But great write. Thanks for sharing.

                • Santita

                  Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

                • Christina8

                  I am so used to my other site--well I give you six stars!!! (thats the highest rating!! :-) ) An absolutely wonderful write Santita so full of descriptors and sensual pleasure. When you come back to play, you really let us have it! Awesome! Powerful! And Passionate!

                  • Santita

                    Somehow, I missed this awesome comment! Thank you for the 6 stars, my dear! lol Appreciate you!

                  • BRIAN & ANGELA

                    HOLA NUESTRA BELLA AMIGA ~ GRAZIE FOR TU POEMA MUY SENSUAL ! En todos Senoritas es una Gata oculta ~ Gracias por compartir tu Gata interior ! Soy siempre tu Amante Idomable ! Abrazos y Besos ~ Tus Hermanos BRIAN y ANGELA 🧡🧡🧡🧡

                    • Santita

                      Thank you both very much!

                    • WL Schuett

                      Wild and feral the world through the cats eye of Santita. Wonderful writing lusty and sensual. A pleasure !

                      • Santita

                        So glad you liked it, my friend! Thank you for lovely words!

                      • myself and me

                        What can I say, wild catty. Your pen is sharp as usual.

                        • Santita

                          So happy to see you, dear friend!
                          Thank you for dropping in!

                        • Tamara Beryl Latham - The Poet

                          Beautifully erotic poem, Santita. Your imagery, with the feline theme, is outstanding. Great job!

                          You will be driving the men wild with this one. :)

                          • Santita

                            LOL! Thank you for such a wonderful comment, Tamara! Much appreciated :)

                          • Unsub




                            • Santita

                              Rawr! lol

                              Thanks for dropping by, Unsub. Unsub. I am still not used to that!

                            • Neville

                              That's one hell of a cat you got there my friend.. what a deliciously erotic bit o pen work, and with just the right amount of foreplay... cheers Neville

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