Each other

As we both get lost inside our phone

and ignore each other like neither of us were home.

I think to myself, where is the connection that brought us together.

Can we not conversate with each other, tell a joke or try to be clever.

These devices make our daily struggle a little less stressful

But are they even really helpful, or are they a distraction from human interaction.

We use to enjoy each other's company, how did this happen 

I wish and pray they would just break, get stolen or run away, then those beautiful eyes would look my way.

Then we could tell each other about our eventless day.

But until we figure out how to cope without our phone, I'll be here in this house right beside you and still feel as if I'm all alone.


  • Goldfinch60

    In this day and age the mobile 'phones have taken the art of conversation (and love?) away. Good true write.

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