Sometimes I feel empty

like I'm not really here

sometimes I feel broken

and I can't seem to heal

my heart is heavy

soul is missing


 I can't take this silent anymore

it's deafening

I feel so cold

like I never had a soul

It feels like my mind is gone


I'm like a zombie

Not thinking

Not breathing

Just following my instincts

I feel like I'm stuck in muck so deep it covers my face


I'm trying to breathe but the muck invades my nose and mouth and fills my lungs

Am I dying?


I am dying a slow and painful death


I'm dying on the inside

Dying on the outside

I'm just an empty shell


All I am is empty


I am empty.


  • chaaz

    wow! this is really great...relatable in some ways too

    • Cynthia

      Thank you

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