My dreams vanish

My dreams vanish like a ripple

Of water when it gets to the coast,

like the gentle touch of a drizzle

Disappears with the kiss of a rose.


I got drunk with the promises we made,

in despair's shade my hopes dug their grave,

my glee is slow burning in Hades’ fire,

A still reverie of impossible desires.


The bells of love don't toll in the steeple,

They swing by mute and lifeless. The stocks of loneliness

With dim leaves made their nests.


Gloomy sorrow for a heart, young and smitten.

My dreams keep playing tricks with my hopes.

I keep trying to mend the scraps of a life full of holes.



    HOLA AMIGO ~ Bienvenidos a MPS. Gracias pot tu proma POEMA ~ muy melancolca ! Your poem is well crafted full of rhyme & rhythm ! Often in life our Dreams vanish ~ our promises die and the bells of love fade in the wind ! Our HOPES become HOLES ~ so so sad ! Both ANGELA (30) and I (35) have had our share of disappointments but we are happy now together ! Esta un Dios ! Every Blessing BRIAN & ANGELA. Quel Ciudad d'Espana habites tu ?

    • Javiilicitano

      Thank you for your kind comment. I am from Elche in the south-east part of Spain but at the moment I live in New York.
      Best regards.

    • Mene

      Quite melancholic but strong rhythm and the rhyme scheme was interesting. This is a great write, so powerful, I could feel the emotion. Keep up thee great work. ^^

      • Javiilicitano

        Thank you, your comments gives me the strength to carry on.

        • Mene

          My pleasure, stay strong.

        • Netashi

          Welcome to MLP i hope you like your stay here, our poem is gloomy & sad but i rather find that the unpleasant parts in life are the most pleasant for builds character in us and we learn and grow from it. Keep writing for it keeps us from going mad- Theta the scholar

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