Time Is Like A River

Time is like a river

And we're all coasting our way downstream

Some with jumps for joy or a shiver

And nothing is as it seems


Yet of course

There are those who try to swim back

To the past, below the rising sea

Unable to go back, as it all fades to black

Obsessed with their drowning memories

Time pushes them onwards, but they refuse to turn away

Still hopelessly believing that they could change it some way

Until those weary weights sink them beneath the surface

Forever chained, not by the river, but by themselves

And I float along


There are those with a sense of stirring uneasiness for tomorrow

A strange indescribable feeling teetering on the edge of sorrow

A frenzied wave struggling to launch forward to the next page

Deep within, stirring the waters of resentment and rage

Unable to sit still, so they try to stand and fall

Those who tried to run before learning to crawl

All trying to reach for the future they can't wait for, yet it is one that easily waits for them

And I float along


I float along the river of time; by many considered a trap

Lives caught up in tomorrow and yesterday, slowly being eroded by the never-stopping waves

I believe I am free, where others believe we're enslaved, even though

I do not have the opportunity to head back to yesterday


I cannot break through reality into tomorrow


I will swim on through today

As I ride these currents, I realize time is the great equalizer

No one can buy more, no one can have less

The time of Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, Susan B Anthony, Washington Churchill Ghandi and MLK

Bore no difference to ours

And while it may be easier to add our tears to this river of sorrow

I'd prefer to learn from the past and create my tomorrow



Time is like a river

Which I choose to sail

Despite the shivers

Through the storm and ails

I float along


  • Goldfinch60

    Wonderful write, I too float on My River of time.
    "Yesterday is another country"

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