Oh Israel, I Weep Because I Love You

Oh Israel,
Oh Israel,
how I love you so.
All of your land is beautiful.
I hold you near,
and dear to my heart,
and yet I weep for you.
I am sad,
because you have,
strayed from God's word.
You are so special,
and yet many times,
you take the Lord for granted.
Oh Zion,
Oh Zion,
tell me,
what other countries,
in this world,
are given extra chances,
by the Lord.
Not one like you.
He knows your future,
and yet every fifty years,
on every seventh month,
on every tenth day,
He blesses you,
and atones you.
He gives you,
a chance to start over -
to turn from your sins.
Still, you disregard,
his forgiveness,
and go back to,
your wicked ways.
Why Oh Lord?
Why do you give them,
so many chances?
What is worse,
is that what,
sets them apart,
from other nations,
is the fact that they,
have the opportunity,
to start over.
Yet, they cast,
that opportunity aside.
Why Oh Lord?
Why do you keep,
the City of David,
on a hill?
Oh how I love Israel -
Nazareth, Galilee,
and so much more.
Even your wilderness is beautiful.
Still, if Christ walked,
the earth today,
He would weep,
for His land.
If I could give up Christ,
so that all of Israel,
would truly repent,
and become His disciples,
I gladly would.
Yet, that would never happen.
Oh Israel,
I weep for you,
because I love you.

ISRAEL ~ my Parents love Israel & The JEWS
So I was raised to respect the JEWS & Israel ~ I
REALISED when I visted The Holy Land ~ how PRECIOUS
AN opportunity to walk where JESUS walked ~ and
EXPERIENCE Places where MOSES & the PROPHETS walked
LOVED very minute in ISRAEL and felt GOD's presence ~ AMEN
Have you visited ISRAEL ? A must for every CHRISTIAN !

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