infinite possibilities

so many things happen in a day;
infinite possibilities
what we see is by chance
a single, fleeting glance
and the world is changed in a way

A myriad of roads branch out before you all the time,
each one of them with a different possibility.
As a new morning awakes every day,
no matter if it´s sunny or if it rains.
Take your chances the best way you can,
enjoy the trip and never walk it back.

If you’ve not found the allusive code
to put you on good fortune’s road
do not complain your life’s bereft:
when nothing goes right go left.
-Michael Edwards-

And how they've told my brothers
That seven is their number
That they must pledge by what is "known"
And darkness cast asunder
By ignorance a comfort feigned
But what one man is right?
So plunder through the blinding black
Or none will see the light!

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