I want to be a sculptor

With the world in front of me

My own two hands craft my own destiny


Even if the lights go off

I will work through the darkness

Always one step further, in a night that's starless


Faltering muscles and weakening bones

Loose fingers coil around the brush the color of change

Knowing despite every sinking failure, floating victory is never out of range


Cacophonous chaos amidst a tornado of doubts, I hesitate

That moment of pause where all time stands still 

Waiting at the well where water adds to your thirst

But I won't stop until I've had my fill


Chasing that dream upon the horizon

Which so few believe I can reach

Learning lessons no one could ever teach


Clutching the memories of yesterday

In my heart today

To forget them tomorrow


Heat rising, I begin to perspire

Covered with sweat or tears, I can no longer tell

Using this pain as a need to inspire

Never getting ready to fall before I've fell


My vision sears its way into my soul

A song waiting to be unleashed, a desire I can't control

I want to be a sculptor, crafting the world in front of me

Crafting rasps and rifflers so others can be free


Going beyond the limit

Believing there is no limit

Except for the limits

We give ourselves




  • Goldfinch60

    Very good positive write. Always go forward - there are no limits.

    "If your dreams do not scare you they are not big enough"

    • poetboy5454

      How true! Thank you Gold.

    • Poetic Dan

      As I said before your fire is so pure, words felt in my core. Forever an inspiration by just being who you are, shape away my friend. Be the star that you are!

      • poetboy5454

        Thank you very much Dan, each day is another step towards improvement!

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