What Lies Beneath the Cresting Blue

Long and languid, a flexible liquid, 

the lake stretches out completely; 

white shadows litter themselves on the waves 

while the moon overhead hovers strangely: 


underneath the cresting blue 

darkness is smooth and issued to 

a queue of creatures misconstrued 

as monsters all and in part due 

to peoples' fear of unknown hues, 


what lies beneath the cresting blue:


Women with serpents' tails, swimming through 

the midnight water lathered in their lake-like luster 

fluttering there to here and when- 

flick of the tail and down again. 

Thus playing games such as they will, 

and singing songs but just until 

the sun is risen to reach us; 

they flee to a world underneath us; 


a place beneath the Cresting Blue.



  • Goldfinch60

    You have taken me to this magical place with your words.

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