How Long Shall I Speak The Gospel


How long shall I speak the gospel?
It is not that I have a problem with it -
certainly not -
but if I continue to speak,
only about Christ's salvation,
then the whole message,
is not being spoken or reached.
So am I to steer away from the gospel?
Certainly not -
Do not misunderstand.
It is the overall message,
that is to be spread by all Christians.
Still, how long must I speak about salvation,
before I move on to the revelations,
and the prophesies?
How long must I speak on Psalms,
before I move on to the prophets?
I am speaking in general.
Still, am I to stay only in the new testament?
If I did then that would be,
covering up more then half of God's Word.
Then how would we know the reason for grace?
How would we know,
what makes salvation great?
I have said,
that we should not dwell on anything,
longer than we should have to.
Not that there is a time limit to the Word,
but rather we must speak the whole word.
Do not misunderstand.
Our overall mission as Christ's disciples,
is to take the gospel as far as we can.
My mission -
our mission -
is to spread the good news.
Still if we do not speak the whole truth,
then not only are others not being reached,
but neither are we receiving the word.
Still we must speak the whole truth.

It’s hard to know what to do.
Confronted by the world-
They beg us to put the cross down.
But Jesus Christ assured;
We would be persecuted.
Those who came after him.
We must leave our friends and family behind.
For he has no bed to lay his head-
Even the birds have nests;
And he has nothing.
We have committed ourselves to the same fate.
But he has brought us life more abundantly.
In the form of heavens gates.
So trek on young disciple.
This road wasn’t promised to be easy.
Yet at the end, is Jesus Christ’s beautiful blessing.

Let the song go round the EARTH
Sound His Praises ~ tell His Worth
Be his name adored
Every clime & every tongue
Join the grand & glorious song
Let the song go round the EARTH
With the Glory of His worth
Let he whole World ring
Him CREATION all adore

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  • Comment from author about the poem: Isaiah 43:18-19 Persistence is key
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