The Retired Bloke

Trouble Reading

They say you can’t put a good book down

Well I have the opposite problem

I can’t keep it up!

You see I have the attention span of a  fly

Doesn’t matter how hard I try

My mind wanders as I ponder

Something quite irrelevant 

Not about the story but about

Getting the car serviced

Cutting the grass

What’s for tea?

Is it only me who struggles to concentrate?

I read a page, turn to the next

Only remember the last paragraph at best

This month I’ve started four books

Got to about to chapter three

Not very far I’m sure you’ll agree

But then I lose interest

Move onto another 

I’m sure will be better

But each time I fail

To sit long enough 

To take in and understand the detail

Maybe I should get back to Janet and John

At least they wouldn’t take me long

To read them from cover to cover

Before I move onto another. 


  • Goldfinch60

    That is such a shame. I can get totally lost in books.

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