Shi no hakobi te

The beautiful things

A child's fear,
A teens depression,
An adult screams,
A mother's caring warmth,
A father's loving smile,
And a sibling's reassuring voice.

All the things in the world,
Can be multiplied by 10,
But all the bad things,
Are multiplied by 20.

We never see things for what they are,
But for what they are not.
Sarcasm and lies fill the air,
With every sigh you make,
A small part of you dies each time.

Life is cruel,
Life is giving,
But above all, life is a gift,
That all shall cherish.
That all shall believe in.

This life is beautiful in ways that you and I can not comprehend,
Much like the birth of a newborn child,
Or the setting of another sun on the horizon,
Or even the love of your life.

It's short, yet Difficult and hard.
But we all get over the pain and difficulty at some point.

A sibling's reassuring voice,
A father's loving smile,
A mother's caring warmth,
An Adult's screams,
A teen's depression,
And a child's fear.


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