The Retired Bloke

Life is like a mobile phone

A mobile phone is like a human

To fully operate needs a charge

Like a phone, no woman, no man

Can fully engage, live it large


Each day injections of electricity

Transform the function of the machine

The basics of life the simplicity

Of food, water, love shelter are seen


To provide energy for life’s applications

That perform essential tasks and stimuli 

For comfortable living in the modern age.

The camera phone operates like the eye


A vision taken,saved and stored in the cloud

Like the brain once seen hard to delete

Some images disgust some make us proud

Like our phones eventually we are obsolete


No longer the height of fashion and appeal

Too old to function with deteriorating battery

Hidden away despite still being able to deal

With most things in life, even if a little jittery


Sometimes I feel like a Nokia Five Double One Zero

I used to be the cool one, the one everyone craved

At the time I lasted forever, an everyday hero

Now I’m history, no function, decrepit, deprived. 



  • orchidee

    You is fortunate you is not feeling like a fax machine - as in 'Fax machines; who uses them these days?!' And strange looks in some places if you ask about video recorders, as if to say 'Oh no, we stopped selling them about 500 years ago'. lol.

    • Goldfinch60

      Don't mock the video recorders Orchi I still have mine and all my VHS videos, mind you I am have problems playing my Betamax videos.

      • orchidee

        Yes, we got our video recorder too. But when I asked for some tapes in a shop, I got a bit of a mocking look. They should get their finger out and help customers.

      • Goldfinch60

        I seem to collect mobile 'phones.

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