Through the Looking Glass

Notice of absence from LIGHT WARRIOR
I have changed in so many ways and realize that I must be ean Inspiration..I spoke from all of my crazy life experiences that come from the world of not trying to make money with beliefs have also changed. I am in the process of a new life change free from is something I must take one day at a time
God bless you all....I will return with new work in the future

You can feel the Winter before the Fall

In the air that cloaks the night

October has come already

Darkness tries to over shadow all of the Light from last year

Yes, it has already been 

October third, my flight landed 2017

I was so vibrant. So ready to start anew

So green, but void of my envy

This little town didn't know what else to do with me. So I landed in jail without cause

It was all for whatever reason that the Universe had to teach me

I have come a long way, but I have lost most of the glitter that kept me moving forward

I have done so many stupid ass childish things this year

It has been a song and dance, to say the least

Its always feast or famine with me

The visions that I used to see have all been interrupted

I guess that they came upon me way too damned clear

They were stronger than some were comfortable dealing with

But , their comfort is not and will never be my concern

Every time I cater to them, they use it as their excuse for burning me

Every time I find a man, they somehow chase them far away

Make them feel inferior just because they can

Get up out of my hair, go fuck someone else's man you ignorant  fucking hoes!

I got it like that, I am not sorry

That is just the way that it goes for me

Too bad, so sad

I should have kept my focus so many times

But I didn't, I failed to do so

Not much more to say or do

Its like I came here through a looking glass, and I brought

Wonderland here with me

I must have made the White Rabbit late for his date, got sedated from the Mad Hatters tea

I can't seem to catch a break

I can't stay on top, much less ahead

It tries to make me dread the future, but I am well aware of what it is that I desire and I know what I need to do

I need to take advantage of all of the screws that are loose around here.....




  • Gino

    Great poem once again my friend. I hope everything is well with you. Your write here is very unique, keeping my muse in a transition of awe and wonder. Yes, people arrive too early at the gate "staring through the looking glass" before boarding, and never arrive...


      Yeah...its been a culture shock and I miss Albuquerque so much...I'm in a city of only 70,000 people...its nice at times and there are many good people here ....but I dunno why I'm here exactly u...I was away for awhile...I wondered when you would catch up to me...thank u for all of your support and commentary..xxxooo

    • sylviasearcher

      The idea of the looking glass resonates with me. And the why don't people comment after reading my poems.

      I don't comment on all the poems I read.

      Sometimes I feel like the poem is the tip of the iceberg. I'd like to delve beneath the waters of each one but I'm never sure where to begin or if I even know which ocean I am in...


        Yeah....I was being moody that day...I forgot that I even posted at commentary...but it worked to get for reading

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