WL Schuett


Soft sea breezes . 

Cigarette papers ,


The cooing of the dove . 

A candle drip 

of homemade soap 

lingers in the walls . 


Sweet pouty lips , 

petals and thorns . 

Feathers woven 

throughout her hair . 

Lacey dreams of 

wetness and warmth . 


Sugared teas, 

the fragrance of love . 

Oranges , 

spices , 

brown earthen incense . 


Out on the street 

a child’s laughter 

through the parted 

curtains of time . 

Lost in mystery comes 

a word from the ages . 

Love ,

love , 


she smiles.


  • Goldfinch60

    The beauty of living.

  • sylviasearcher

    It may have just been the tea and oranges but it reminded me of the song by leonard Cohen... Suzanne

  • Santita

    There is something quite nostalgic about this piece. I smelled the soap, saw the feathers in the hair, heard the child's laughter. I felt like I went back to my childhood home, and reminisced on memories and life there. A wonderful piece, my friend.

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