A Gathering Generation

This is the generation,

the generation,

that will rise up,

and recognize God.

This is the generation,

that will start wondering.

They will begin to notice,

and ask, 'What is this God?

What is so special,

about the Bible',

and it will be up to us,

the older generation,

to speak the truth,

about the gospel.

We the older generation,

will have to pass down wisdom,

so that this generation,

may stand up for Christ.

So that Christ may be in the churches.

So that the Spirit may flow,

through the streets.

This is the generation,

that Christ will gather.


  • orchidee

    Hope so. Not speaking for, nor to judge anyone else, but will I be of the alternative version of 'Like a mighty tortoise, Moves the church of God' (from 'Onward Christian Soldiers')? Hope not!

  • dusk arising

    Learn the message of forgiveness. All will be gathered.

    • ForeverJesus6

      Actually, you should read Matthew 13, The parable of the wheat and tares.
      Jesus saves
      Persistence is key

      • dusk arising

        Webster's Dictionary:- Per`sist´ence:- The quality or state of being persistent; staying or continuing quality; hence, in an unfavorable sense, doggedness; obstinacy. in science/physics:- The continuance of an effect after the cause which first gave rise to it is removed
        That's the christian way i guess.

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      • Goldfinch60

        This is a discussion that we are having in our Church. The Congregation is getting older and those who do things are becoming unable to do them and we are looking at ways to try and get more younger people into the Church.
        As you say, persistence is the key and we will persist.

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