Hands bagging for the voice to be heard,
Prayers building to exctasy, for one word.
No one wants to be lonely,
No one wants to die alone.
When the time comes, will you have a hand to hold?

White shining floor as a mirror,
Reflects the bowing heads
Your own disbelief is prison,
My soul slowly shreds.

  • Author: Ssilvia (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 12th, 2018 10:03
  • Category: Unclassified
  • Views: 26
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  • orchidee

    A fine write, and Happy Birthday wishes Ssilvia,, so I read!

    • Ssilvia

      Thank you, for both 🙂

    • dusk arising

      We all die alone.
      And then find the answers to the questions no one can answer until then. For, all those who claim to already know those answers are con men/women.

      • Ssilvia

        I do agree with the alone part. I find it fascinating how people with god have peace, hand to hold. Envious.

        • dusk arising

          There's more than one perception of god. I find the bible bashing christian version a flight of man made fantasy full of contradictions and beliefs in a book which is full of incorrect translations from original scripts. Time to rethink and look at how others have perceived a god.

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        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Welcome SYLVIA ~ Lovely name and a lovely picture ~ SMILING ~ AMEN ! BRIAN here ~ Thanks for your first poem. Well penned and a Challenge to all of us !
          Im 35 too, a great age to be ~ less than half way through our expected age ! I know, when I die ~I will NOT be ALONE ! GOD and my Friends & Family (many younger than ME !) will be with me ~ I WILL have many hands to hold ! The Young Ones who pray for me now (24/7) will still be with me in 50 years time when Im 85 and (perhaps) ready for GLORY ? Blessed are they who die trusting in the LORD ~ AMEN More poems please ~ YOURS BRIAN (UK) The way MPS works is we read each others Poems and Comment ~ OK ! You can also build up a cohort of MPS Friends !

        • Gabriella

          amazing write

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