The Retired Bloke

Inspirational Drought

Today I’m feeling fraught.

Reeking in self doubt.

Challenging every thought.

An inspirational drought.


No time to think or cry.

Words,eliminated, erased

Before the ink is dry.

Quiet confidence replaced


With a hollow emptiness  

To express this pent up feeling

Of lost hope. A shallowness

Of sentiment that’s concealing


Those lost syllables of insight.

The dismal darkness descends 

As I desperately seek for the light,

Of returning creativity to transcend.



  • Goldfinch60

    That inspiration can be challenging. I have been writing at least one poem a day for over three years now, I have written four today but sometimes it can be hard. Calliope is with me today.
    The inspiration will come, it comes from many places and thoughts.

  • Fay Slimm.

    Ah - we who daily put pen to poetic paper get the same blockage from time to time R.B. - you dealt with this
    blankness so well in the poem which engagingly rhymes and which expresses these feelings honestly - tomorrow will dawn differently methinks as inspiration strikes again. Thanks for sharing the frustration so eloquently.

  • orchidee

    Well I 'cheat' a bit. I write maybe one poem some days; two or three other days; none at all some days! The limit is one per day on here, so I've usually got some in reserve. heehee.
    Yep, write two some days. Then have a day off maybe the next day!

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