Minds n Hearts

My mind has been filled with thoughts

thoughts of many and oneself

the thoughts that bring one aching

aching from the heart and around

like lungs getting filled with white lies


eyes blinded by a glimpse of perfection

perfection of a soul mate

a soul mate that decided to move on

this ears that heard those soft words

that would put us to sleep and safety

I don't wanna know if you found others

I just need to know if you are happy enough

so I can move on and find my purpose

so I don't have to worry with this toxicated soul

but yet in all this rubble and ruins I stay

watching over the remains to tell the story

of is former glory and how beautiful it was

but one most always lie to themselves in the end

you never broke me

I broke you with the eyes of misunderstanding

and I understand that now

but I can't take it back

so I'll just listen to the people who is giving me support

who is kind enough to listen to this broken minded person

that is hanging on the edge of the mountain

saying his last words to the moon that always watches


''She never made me hurt, she did nothing bad''


''Yet she was punished by her thoughts''


''Thoughts that would push away her loved one''


''Tears fell on both sides, but one felt the stronger hurt''


''I might have moved on with my mind, but not my heart''


''because seeing someone I used to care about go away''


''Is like feeling the knife I pressed harder and harder against my chest''


So now I'll be waiting here

waiting for a sign from the moon

if someone out there from the crowd

the crowd of people supporting me

is willing to put me back together


remove the pain from the wound

that will leave a big scar that will remind me

of the biggest lesson I learned


''Even the strongest and suitable pair can fall apart''

''If one decides to leave for the other ones health''

''both receive equal pain even after it''

''because they can't say the words''

''I miss you''

''I love you''

''I cared so much''

''So why''

''I guess I just have to accept my faith''

''Like I was played as a fool''

''And fix this heart of mine''


Kinda funny that my name means

''Gods Judge''


''God judges''

because it feels like my life

is just a gamble that has been judged

and is now just a punishment from a generation untold

no matter the effort or time this ruins will fall apart upon me

because this is my faith


I'll be the first one to fall

so others can learn

that only fools like me

should have said no from the beginning


''Work on yourself, before working on someone else''


So all I can do now is just be happy with those

friends around me that are supporting me

and in return I'll offer my time and life

so they can have a happier end then mine

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