I feel like I’m drifting inside of a dream

So real it seams 

But I don’t feel like me


This season of change 

Like being lost at sea

Vast and serene 

beautiful and deadly


Looking around for Jesus 

Trying to lock eyes on Him

Before fear grips me

It’s tempting and teasing me


I’m here lord, I’m here

Is this where you wanted me

Alone in this oceanic dessert 

Looking for peace


Is this Devine or was I deceived

This evil rhetoric is working on me


Though I don’t feel I have caved

How much more will it take

I have battled and I have warred

So much is at stake


Not just my joy and the gifts that you have given me

But the reality of salvation that I get to share with those around me


When I start to get mad

I tell you what’s breaking me

But the peace that you leave

Keeps the ship from sinking


Yet I still don’t see the dock 

And the silence is deafening

The purpose that I felt for myself is shifting and waning


But I believe you have a plan for my life

I believe all the words 

The red black and white

From cover to cover 

Your Word is my truth

Your death is my freedom 

And your promises stand too


I don’t know who I am 

I don’t know where I’m going

For today I am trusting that you will show me


Even though I can’t see the valley 

Beyond the trees

My love for You 

Sets me free from anxiety


I praise you my Lord 

And I trust you to guide me 

Into the best me 

What I was created to be



  • Shallsea

    This was sooo beautiful!

    • blessednloved

      Thank you so much I am glad you enjoyed it!

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