I'll Sit Down In The Corner.

kevin browne


I'll sit down in the corner and with my silent face
Wondering if my road will be another lonely place.
When those memories of mine keep running home
I'll sit down in the corner not left out or feeling alone.

Lay your sleepy head, my love, on my aching heart
Individuals with thoughtfulness, they'll each play their part.
And, in my arms where a cradle cries a baby to sleep 
For you, my dear, I'm deeply touched, I'm yours to keep.

If I'm immortal I'll learn to live with the entirely beautiful
Yet, I have witnessed disasters where waters must fall.
And, the floods washed away all that we have stood for
Whilst thin to the bone children always cry out for more.

I'll shelter you from the sadness, I'll dry tears as they fall
I'll bring a glass shoe, I'll take you to the dreamers' ball.
For, there is in Heaven and Earth a wonderful creation
Look up to the sky, hot air balloons keep on inflating.

Cry, little creatures cry so we can refill our rivers flow
Stop in your step to see if you've learnt what you know.
Upon fields which taste the breadth of the country smell
Let's make a wish deep down in our lovers wishing well.

I'm walking through these pastures in a bright blue sky
Where trees stand above the little ones making them cry.
Flowers have picked a pretty garden, once again colour
Shaking tulips with people in every minute of every hour.

Little cottage sat in the corner, just like I did long ago
A gentle farmer planted with the seeds that he'll grow.
Hay bales sleep day and night frosting over morning dew
Baby lambs hopped and they jumped to name but a few.

Lovers in and out of their dreams live right up in the sky
That life is winning the way and meaning for us is to die.
Let me love you before you go and we'll kiss some tears
It's been memorable, this road will last a thousand years.

And, in the places that we have walked, the Sun Shines
Together, let's work out what's what and if we have time.
A lover of life, a lover of poetic dreams never falls in love
And, through it all, you'll find out that love is never enough.

I'll sit down in the corner and with my smiling face
Now that I know I have at last found myself a place.
Those memories all around me to love and to hold
I'll sit down in the corner and let this story grow old.

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  • Published: October 29th, 2018 03:40
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  • Goldfinch60

    May your story of love and memories go on for eternity - beautiful write kevin.

    the line

    "If I'm immortal I'll learn to live with the entirely beautiful"

    is so wonderful.

    • kevin browne

      You're so cool I actually like you. Thanks for your comment!!

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