The Dying Light


Listen to these words I came this far to say,


I am always a bitter breeze of forgotten things,

A mystery in the wake of silence.

A talent of jaded memories to be replaced by something simple.

I am distant in the rise of dawn,

A player in a wondrous game of fields and forests


I am quick to run,

A stream of calm waters flowing throughout the ways.

A theme of trying justice without the will to impart


A quarter of rigid ground to hard to bare anything

Too wide to know why.

Too simple to care.


Thus remaining a bitter breeze of forgotten things



    WELCOME BROOKE ~ Thank you for your first POEM ~ very elegantly written with an enigmatic message ! I love your analogy of the BITTER BREEZE ! Forgotten things do come back to haunt us. Im 35 so I can empathise. Thanks for caring & sharing !
    I have visited California several times it is a Great State to be in ! We all love MEGHAN MARKLE and she is in AUCKLAND NEW ZEALAND today (with HARRY) where my Fiancee Angela is on a work exchange !
    MPS works by reading and commenting on each others Poems & Fusions (You have to click on DEVELOPING to see active fusions !) and you can add MPS FRIENDS ~ Yours BRIAN (England UK) Please check our POEM on NUTS today and also our FUSION on CHRISTMAS ! Thanks B & A !

    • brookelynn

      thanks for your comment, i will check those out right away, again I appreciate the feedback and for the warm welcome.

    • sylviasearcher

      I really enjoyed this piece... With words like that inside you can never be a bitter breeze of forgotten things.

      • brookelynn

        thank you for taking the time to read my poem and for the comment, makes me feel good, I appreciate the feedback.

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