Please Live To See The Next Day

Writings From The Unknown13

dont worry baby girl. 

your going to be alright.

your in 10th grade...

i remember when i was in 10th grade.

you may be feeling like your world is falling apart and that you want to die and bullied for spreading your legs for someone you loved..

but trust me i felt the same way.

i relate to you baby girl and thats why i cried holding you in my arms as you cried today.

i felt like i wanted to kill myself so many times but here i am today 2,3,4,5 years later still feeling down sometimes but im alive and you will be to tomorrow, next week, next month, next year and many years after.

you need to find your get away place.

my get away place is plattsburgh but when i cant go to plattsburgh i sit in my closet in the middle of the night.

you need to find your get away.

baby girl no matter how many times you want to die..

please promise me you wont.

im not shaming you or hating you or yelling at you for feeling the way that you do because ive felt the same way...

but baby girl please live.

please live to see the next day.

ive been called a slut too but when has opening your heart and giving a precious part of yourself to someone you love ever become slutty???!!!

its not thats what!

those sluts themselves calling you a slut are just jealous that they cant feel the love you feel in your heart.

they fuck with there dicks and vaginas while you just simply fell in love..

and theres nothing wrong with that.

if they say fuck you say fuck you back.

but baby girl please live...

live to see the next day,

live to see who you will become one day.

the #1 way to show them you are strong is to hold your grounds in front of them, 

be able to show them you belong here to be loved..not hated.

we are alot alike and thats why i want you to come to me for anything.

but promise me baby girl..

please live to see the next day.

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  • Published: October 30th, 2018 10:14
  • Comment from author about the poem: huh... maybe i should listen to my own advice because i wrote this yesterday and yesterday i felt totally different from how i feel today.
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  • M. E.

    Thank you for sharing.

    There's a lesson I learned pretty late; only after all this shit had passed and life had calmed down, and I didn't need the lesson so much any more.

    The lesson is: nobody's opinion matters except your own. You should listen, and learn from others, and let people in... but in the end, your decisions about your life and your self worth should only come from you.

    There will come a time when you can choose to pack up and leave at any moment. You'll be able to choose who you associate with, and when. You'll be able to reinvent yourself and become someone completely new on a whim... and nobody will be able to stop you. And that time isn't very far away.

    Most of the people who insult you are projecting their insecurities. But it doesn't matter. Who gives a fuck about them? Focus on yourself, and ignore anyone else's opinions, and do whatever the fuck you want with your life. Because in the end, no one will live with the consequences of your decisions but you. So make sure those decisions are ones that make you happy. They don't need to make anyone else happy but you.

    I'm glad that you got through that. You'll get through this too. Life is going to change a lot for you soon, and you'll adapt to it quickly and find so many things about the world that you absolutely love. Just wait for it; it'll come.

    Thanks for the poem.

  • Writings From The Unknown13

    im a hypocrite i should be taking my own advice when it comes to trying to live to see the next day

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