Waves, wash away the pain.


Receeding tide drag you from my heart,

Soothe my soul.


Wash clean that first cut,

So raw, so ragged, so deep.


Cold, numb my mind,

So the memories fade.


Waves, wash away the pain.

      Wash away the pain.

               Wash away the pain. 

Wash away. ......



    WELCOME DEBS ~ Always nice to have an Aussie on Board ~ Did you see Harry & Meghan ? Love your first Poem on MPS ~ very elegantly presented. Sad BUT also very CATHARTIC ! Even @ 35 I have several Pains & Memories that need to be WASHED AWAY ! Oddly enough I find Sea Bathing (S E COAST of England) very Soothing. WE all need to wash away our Griefs & Bad Vibes ! I share this site with my Fiancee ANGELA who is in AUCKLAND NZ on a work exchange. Her Poem today is all about H & M and their trip to Auckland yesterday ~ OK. I love Aussies and Australia but have only been to SYDNEY ~ Friends who have visited MELBOURNE ~ Loved it ! Yours BRIAN (UK)
    The way MPS works is that we read each others Poems and (if we wish) comment ! You can also build up a COHORT of FRIENDS ~ OK. Please check our SITE ~ Thanks B !

    • Debsspot

      Thanks Brian,
      No didn't get to see H & M but do like the Royals. Love London. Would love to see countryside one day. I'll make sure to check out your work.

    • Tamara Beryl Latham - The Poet

      Hauntingly dark and filled with sorrow, yet, your words have an impact on the reader.

      I live in the U.S., but was born in Brisbane. My mother's side of the family all live in Australia.

      Enjoyed the read and thanks for sharing. :-)

      • Debsspot

        Hi Tamara, thanks for your kind words.
        It sure is a small world these days. I have a cousin who lives in Indiana so we are spreading all over. I will make sure to read your work also.

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