Christopher Aaron

La Parte Más Importante De Mi Ser


Ésta no es la primera vez que yo te extrañé

Vinieron sentimientos hoy y no me los libré

Quedaron y permanecieron en mi mente y corazón

A decir verdad, no los eché—eres parte de mi cuerpón


Si puedo pasar sin una parte, dime por favor

¿Mis ojos? No hay manera ché—con ellos te adoro

¿Mi nariz? Tampoco mi Aarón si tu esencia oleré

¿Mis oídos? Los precisaré si a tu voz oír querré


¿Mis manos? ¿Qué piensas vos? Si yo te voy a mimar

¿Mis brazos? Pues, peor aún—si te quiero abrazar

¿Mis dedos? Diré—“Creo que no” ¿Cómo podré escribir

Y mandar pensa-y-sentimientos que no sé describir?


Consta que preciso todo si yo voy a funcionar

Pero hay una parte importante que me hace ya faltar

Lo raro es que ésta parte no poseen todos

La parte más importante de mi ser, pues, eres vos.




c aaron





    HOLA CHRIS : Gracias por tu Poema muy interesada ! I loved the VIDEO 'Take Care of your Partner" as the video shows our Families are very important and their care and protection is our prime responsibility : AMEN ! Love the POEM : 'The most important Part of my Being (IS YOU) I'm 35 and I greatly value and care for mis Ojos - mi Nariz - mis Oidos - mis Manos - mis Brasos - mis Dedos ! You describe how they are all essential to love & adore & pleasure your LOVER - AMEN ! So consequenly every part of my BEING - My whole Body an all my senses enable me to appreciate my LOVER. I totally agree in respect of my FIANCEE ANGELA who is 11 thousand miles away on a WORK EXCHANGE in New Zealand ! So your poem was especially poignant to ME. The most important part of my BEING is ANGELA - AMEN Adios Hasta la Vista - BRIAN (UK) Por favor visitar a nuestro sito - Gracias BRIAN y ANGELA

  • Christopher Aaron

    Brian...what a pleasant surprise to receive your note. UK...what part are you from, or where do you live? You must have or must now (because she is in NZ and you in UK) feel this 'lack' of your other part. My wife is from Bolivia and I wrote this for her a few years ago. And she continues to be that most important part of my life. Many years ago my closest bud went to NZ (Auckland) on a mission for my church. I hear it is an awesome place! I would love to go to the UK sometime. Write back again any time. Saludos! I would try to always (from this point on) treat her the same way you treat her now. You won't regret it!

  • Laura


    A beautiful write! Lucky the person for whom this is intended for!


  • Christopher Aaron

    I’m actually the lucky (blessed?) one- she is just receiving an accurate description of the kind of person she is and what she means to the author-

    • Laura

      Reading your comment, makes your poem even more special! Bless you both!

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