Ask me what I like to do for fun, Well here's ah tiny bit of ah snippet 

I like to dive deep while in spirit 

Astro project to places so vivid 

this is real life for me, you may talk it, but I promise, i live it

Cast my circle mentally, so  demons, don't you come near it

Cuz My mind so endless, you fucking right, there's  no limit 

Can you feel my energy surround, as you read every lyric 

Don't be afraid, please don't fear it 

I am magick in the flesh, behold the greatness I exhibit 

As I get real explicit 

And conjure up divine energy,  just to see who come visit 

Grab my cauldron, and start mixing, potions right in my skillet 

I hear several knocks on the door, now I'm excited, who is it?! 

But all I hear is the cricket

Then I feel a presence tap my shoulder, so I turn, then I pivot 

Staring straight into divine energy, gotta admit,  I was timid 

In the presence of the Ascended 

Standing tall just like a giant, man I felt like ah midget 

No turning back, I manifested, 444 was the digit 

Yeah I'm way deep in my spirit 

So you kno I'm gone kill it 

Any noise that's around, man I swear, I don't hear 


Let me slow it down, But anyway,

It's 3:15, that's ah 9, visitation ona Thursday 

Perfect night to cast my circle, the moon is full, well okay 

Guess you wondering by now, who decided to play 

Dam, I think I fucked around, and much to my dismay 

Several energies I manifested, but fuck it, Just go anyway  

Traveling deeper into the unknown, I can feel my spirit rise as I lay 

Astro projection in full effect, right on time, no delay 

Can feel my vessel drifting, as I mediate on Every word that I say 

I'm ready, my time is now, third time I shall obey 

I must admit, Thoth fed me well, It was at ah spiritual buffet 

Now I'm Eating and downloading, his Emerald Tablets, I  convey 


Hermetic science, a profound plateform 

That teaches spiritual forbidden knowledge, so this ain't for the norm 

Or for ones who conform 

Cuz they can't, wether the storm 

Or comprehend divine energies, that will, do them no harm 

Just Ascended masters who got the formula to higher consciousness, I transform 

Using alchemy, a sacred science that only the elite can perform 

Prophetic messages, ok now I get it ,as Thoth rings my alarm 

As I enter the Pyramid of Giza, I'm so speechless,  by its  esoteric charm 

I see Solomon, one of my teachers, in his divine spiritual form 

This meditation got me so hyped , then Thoth, reach out his arm   

Then I'm handed something green made with crystal, the Philosopher stone! 

Oh yeah, shit just getting starting, so ready, so bring it on 

Then suddenly a force emerged out the ether, that's when I knew, I was right where I belong 

Man This power so strong 

Then I hear a voice..

"He who in courage would dare the dark realms, let him be purified first by long,

 fasting and then Lie in the sarcophagus of stone 

While in my chamber, I'll reveal, to him the great mysteries of the unknown" 

Again, there's that 4, and I got chill bumps, my mind so dam blown  

Cuz I can feel myself becoming one with the light, i can feel it all through my bone 

this spiritual trip, yeah it got me tripping, as I sit here alone 

I swear this experience, puts me right back, in my mystical zone 

As I'm invited and reunited, with my ET's, I phone home 

So grateful and so gracious, I see Thoth on his throne 

Staring so proudly at little ol me, so proud that I've grown 

Then he whispers, "You are my reflection, my reincarnated clone, remember that vision that I gave, as you wept and you moan?! Told you weren't Jesus, but Moses enthroned"

I came to you as just a voice, for you wasn't ready for my face to be shown 

Now that you understand the metaphorical, step into your divine oracle and 

Take of my Emerald Tablet and share only the parts that's been given 

Rest my child, and conjure me later, 

Study more, but don't share, some things for now are forbidden 

I'll give you a sign in divine time, to share more of what's hidden

I AM the I AM, as it has always been written 




    WOW SHALLSEA ~ That sure is some POEM ~ Im still digesting it ! I wont divulge and I await for more ! Yours as always BRIAN 😎 Please check our Poem today on HAPPINESS ~ Thanks B ! I love the MOON so I am interested in THOTH who is a two headed ancient Egyptian MOON GOD ~ OK

    • Shallsea

      I kno it’s a lot to digest lol.. imagine the thoughts racing before I wrote this!! I’m obsessed with the moon also!!! N THOTH.. he n I.. we one in the same it’s crazy.. check my next poem I’ll be posting soon! Thanks for the read!! Appreciation

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