The Retired Bloke

Not Again!

The banging of my head

As I lay here in my bed

Signals it was a good night

However this is despite 


Not really remembering 

The finer details surrounding

What got me to this point

I’m hoping I didn’t disappoint


My wife with my behaviour 

Toast and tea my saviour

When I poured into the house

Failing to be as quiet as a mouse


This was a not again night

Where next time I might

Show a little more self control

To drink a lot less my goal. 



  • orchidee

    Oohh it's carpet slippers and Horlicks for me - or Ovaltine! lol.

  • w c

    OMG I don't miss the hangovers of yesterday. I've been sober many years now.

  • Leisa Niamh

    Really like your style of writing Retired Bloke. Keep on doing it.

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