The Retired Bloke

Broken Coffee Maker

Today our coffee maker broke

I feel that I am a broken bloke

Nothing to pep me up this morning

It feels as though I’m mourning

The instant feeling of being alive

Especially after four or five!  

I feel as miserable as I can be

I suppose I’ll have to resort to tea! 



  • orchidee

    Yep, a pot of tea it will have to be - for now anyway! A whole pot?! lol. A good write RB.

  • Goldfinch60

    Of course it is a big issue.
    Saying that though we have tea in the morning, proper tea mind you, tea leaves into the pot, freshly boiled water, stirred, left for two minutes, milk into the cups (always milk first) and then the wonderful tea poured through a strainer. We have Rwanda/Burundi tea - it is wonderful.

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