The Retired Bloke

Annoying Attraction

Attracting like a magnet

Doing nothing, just waiting

To slowly draw you in

As hard as you try

And god you try

It’s always there

Beckoning you

Resisting is pointless

It’s like an annoying habit 

Irresistible but irritating 

Never quite the same

Always something new

Luring you into its grasp. 

It’s no good the temptation is too great

You have to go and see

The jumbled goods for sale

In the centre aisle at Aldi!!


  • Fay Slimm.

    Ah ha - - I know what you mean my friend !! That central isle is a true magnet to all who enter the store. An engaging read as a good reminder to let the saved pennies stay intact.

    • The Retired Bloke

      Thank you. Good luck on avoiding the aisle!!

    • Goldfinch60

      I have never been to Aldi so know nothing about the central aisle.

    • orchidee

      Erm, nor me really, not been there, though we have one in near our town centre. Ohh I always go to the 99p shops (do they exist now?). These £1 shops are far too expensive. heehee.

      • The Retired Bloke

        I guess inflation takes its toll eventually!!

        • orchidee

          You saving those 1p's, going to 99p shop instead of Pound Shop?!

        • Leisa Niamh

          So true! Ive lost count of the rubbish Ive bought and the time I've wasted rummaging through those centre aisles.

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