Christopher Aaron

What Did You Say?

Our minds are always smoking

Not the bad habit, but to come up with a story

About how someone’s looks, how they act

It’s easy to point to finger at what we see...

A flaw, or we pass on the account we heard about...

Someone we know, or don’t know for that matter

We don’t know enough to dwell on their good traits

So we point out the ones we can see, or have heard about

Or even muster from our suspicions, not knowing if they are true or not

Which isn’t as important at just getting the word out.

Usually these are marginal traits or things we also have done

But to make ourselves look better and to bring in the crowd

We share it in confidence, assuring ourselves that it will end there. HA!



c aaron


  • Goldfinch60

    Good write - never assume it makes an ass out of you and me.

  • Christopher Aaron

    True- the poem actually has more to say about our tendency to share something ‘newsworthy’ without knowing first its veracity- if we’re going to share do it with someone we trust who won’t pass it on further, like a spouse

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